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2018-2019 Regents' and Presidential Scholarship Application

Sorry, the application deadline for this scholarship has passed.


Available to new freshmen, the Regents and Presidential Scholarships are two of the university’s most prestigious awards. By completing the scholarship application, applicants will be considered for both scholarships. The Regents and Presidential Scholarships are awarded using a variety of criteria such as academic performance, leadership potential and more. These scholarship programs are very competitive. The criteria listed on the scholarships web page represent the minimum requirements to be considered. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee an award.

Scholarship Application Instructions:

  1. Apply for admission to the University of New Mexico at and submit an official high school transcript and ACT/SAT score transcript to the UNM Admissions Office.
  2. Submit a completed Regents & Presidential Scholarship Application. All students may submit the application online by clicking on the link provided below. You must include your UNM ID number (for newly admitted students) or your date of birth. If you are unable to submit your application online, please contact UNM Scholarships Office at 505-277-8900 so that we can work with you on submitting the application.
  3. When you submit your application online, you will be able to enter or copy & paste your short essay responses into the form. Please Note- Only Regents Scholarship applicants should complete Section #6. All Regents & Presidential Scholarship applicants should complete the following sections:
    • School & Community Activities — tell us about your participation and leadership in up to 10 clubs, organizations, intramurals or other activities beginning in 9th grade.
    • Awards, Talents and Skills — tell us about up to 10 awards you have received, talents you actively pursue, and/or your special skills. Be sure to indicate whether these awards, talents or skills were on a local (school, county or district), state, or national level. These may be school-related or outside-school activities.
    • Short Responses — Write concise responses in your own words to the three (3) topics below. Your responses to each question will be evaluated on content, depth, creativity/originality, and writing skills. You may not use any social media abbreviations.
    1. Describe your plans for your college education, giving specific details that describe what led you to your educational goals. (350 words or less)
    2. Explain the ways you have shown leadership in the past and how you expect to be a leader in the future. (350 words or less)
    3. Describe one specific way you have grown or changed in the last four years and explain how this change affects your future in college and beyond. (350 words or less)


Minimum Academic Requirements: 3.9 Unit GPA or higher & ACT Combined Score of 31 (SAT Verbal/Math Combined Score 1420)

Two-Minute Video

Create a two-minute digital video to accompany your written application that addresses the following:

Video Prompt:

Explain something you are passionate about that sets you apart from the many other high-achieving students also applying for this scholarship.

Your video should describe your ideas in a visual format, but it is NOT expected to be technologically advanced or professional. Your video will be evaluated on how well its content addresses the prompt, how effectively it expresses ideas, evidence of depth in thinking, and delivery/presentation skills. Strong videos will show the writer’s personality as well as thinking and oral presentation skills.

Create your video by using any simple, easily available digital technology, such as cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, webcams on computers, flip video cameras, common movie creation software on most computers, or free internet software. If you do not have access to any of these types of video-producing devices, please contact the UNM Scholarships Office at 505-277-8900 or chat, so that we can work with you to arrange access to such technology.

Your video must meet the following requirements:

  • Be no shorter than 1 minute long and no longer than 2 minutes;
  • Your own face and voice must appear in at least 30 seconds of the video;
  • The name for your video must be your last name, first name-Regents Video. Example: Sandoval-Emily-Regents Video.
  • Upload video as "unlisted" video on YouTube and provide the "Share this Video" link in the box below.

To upload your video as an unlisted video on YouTube:

  1. Create your video using any of the technology listed above.
  2. Upload and save your video to a computer, if necessary.
  3. Go to and log in to your account. If necessary, create a new account.
  4. Click on "Upload" on the top right corner
  5. Click on the "Public" Drop Down box and select "Unlisted"
  6. Click on the upward-pointing arrow above "Select files to upload"
  7. Change the name of your video to match the format listed above.
  8. Click on "Save Changes" at the top right corner

For help with your questions or additional information, please contact us:

Telephone: 505.277.8900